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La voix du désert

52 minutes

Marc Bissot

Marc Bissot

Polygone Onze

Between Senegal and West Sahara lies Mauritania, the country of the Moors.Through drought and political decisions, their traditionally nomad population has progressively settled. On the uncertain borderline between desert and Sahel, a little town called Layoun has witnessed the rise of a newborn star: Ooleya Mint Amartichitt. Playing ardin (a type of calabash harp) and accompanied by her brother - tidinit player (5 strings lute)- and her sisters' voices, she sings, howls or whispers poetry in praise of the Prophet or dignitaries of her tribe, the Ulaad Mubaraks. Gently rocked by the haunting and sometimes hallucinated voice of the diva, our musical journey leads us through dreary landscapes to the capital city of Nuakshott, where the desert dissolves in the ocean.

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